Our Products


The Vista’s 38 inches columnar shape sets it apart from the rest. It’s soft curves allow for a welcoming juxtaposition to any modern landscape. The vista is customizable and can be made in any of our preferred colours, with a variety of insertable stones to choose from.



The Monterey is our popular squared shape fireplace whose understated design adds depth and beauty to any landscape. It is 34 inches and like the Vista, is customizable to meet clients preferences.




Our fire pits are 100 percent light weight cast concrete and are made in house in our factory based out of Ontario, Canada. Each fire pit undergoes rigorous testing to ensure our clients are receiving a product like none other on the market. We provide a lifetime warranty on the burner and a 1 year warranty on the fire pit itself.


The revolutionary light weight concrete used for our fire pits, consumes minimum materials, energy and other resources for construction, and requires little to no maintenance throughout its lifespan. It does not rust, rot or burn, making it safe and reliable.


Our fire pits are able to withstand various environmental elements such as snow and rain, while still maintaining their shape, function and colour. Our superior craftsmanship and exclusive cast concrete material ensure each fire pit is of the highest quality.


Our in house design team allows us to create cutting edge fire pits specific to our clients needs and preferences. They exceed their function by adding an element of artistic design to any landscape.


Our fire pits are easy to install in any setting by anyone, and can be connected to a propane tank or natural gas line. Certified burners are included along with decorative customizable stones for insert. Disclaimer: Fire pit should only be installed by a certified gas technician.

Industry Standards

All our fire pits meet industry standards in both Canada and the USA. They are CSA approved.


Cemento’s unique concrete propels us to create innovative wall cladding solutions that meld function and art. We constantly strive to make high performance, lightweight, and durable concrete products appeal to the heart as well as the mind.

Cemento’s proprietary concrete mixture produces an unparalleled glass fibre reinforced high-performance concrete with high compressive strength, flexural strength and impressive impact resistance. These are characteristics not present in conventional cladding systems.

Our product is naturally non-combustible and has been tested in Germany for its high thermal resistance. The beauty of concrete is readily apparent. Concrete is a hygroscopic material, leading to an evolving piece of art, our concrete ages in an aesthetically pleasing way, developing a unique finish overtime, adding to its beauty.